My Heritage is Bigger than Yours

Volume 31 Issue 1

You & another poem

      You will be the midwife To whatever little I have, You will be the midwife To what […]

End of the Nation

Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. Soren Kierkegaard     I The Europeans left with a vengeance, what I said to Lia. […]

There is a Portal

Sound of water intensifies, from flowing to rushing, to almost a waterfall. Transforms into the sound of motor.

Don’t Fence Me In

By my country, they mean India. Complete strangers will ask me how to get Indian rice to be saffron-coloured.

My Conversations with Canadians

“Nowhere in these treaties or court decisions does it say we grant you permission to take over management and control of our territory and our lives.”


Franklin drove into the inner city from a middle-class white neighborhood outside the city limits, where his stern Christian father once sold insurance, where home was his mother’s orderly domain.

Dear Hasidic Girls

The other neighbourhood happening here, on these shared streets. So why do I now feel naked on them?