The Literature Issue: Spirit

Volume 30 Issue 4

Coming to Terms with “Curry Books”

Veena Gokhale

“A poisonous, crucial element of this imposed expectation is that brown people and their books should look back, into a past and a place that may never have existed.”


Rana Bose & Nilambri Ghai

    Well, this is our annual ritual, so to speak.

Red on Red

Cora Siré

  After Mark Rothko’s Untitled (Red on Red), 1969 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Peace Pavilion  

To You, Death!

Nilanjan Dutta

  Since human beings are eminently perishable, they seem to have an obsession for permanence.

Deep in my subconscious

Madeleine Chevalier

    Artist Statement: “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die… for the harder I work, the […]

La poésie visuelle

Anne Marie Noël

    Réflexions de l’artiste La photographie est entrée dans ma vie à l’adolescence et s’y est taillée une place […]

Moi, faucon

Antoine Bustros

  Lorsqu’on nous regarde d’en bas, ça donne l’impression que notre vie est facile.

Notes on Cynicism and Faith

Yahia Lababidi

  Selection of aphorisms from Yahia Lababidi’s forthcoming book, Where Epics Fail: Aphorisms on Art, Morality and Spirit – Unbound UK […]