Just Food

Vol. 34 No. 4

Just Food – and More

Claudia Itzkowich Schñadower & Jody Freeman

    “Just Food,” the theme of our current issue, slyly downplays the power of food by dishing it up […]

Our Food is in Jeopardy

Subhadra Khaperde & Rahul Banerjee

    Agriculture is what gave rise to civilization and it is also what is going to end it!

Two Poems with Cut Fig

Nicola Vulpe

      POEM OF THE UNFINISHED SANDWICH   Tomato slice, white baladi cheese, rye, a bite taken from one […]

A Ritual of Humble Abundance

Laurel Páez Brave

    Sunlight filters through the treetops and spills onto our cobblestone road as I roll down my window and […]

Green String Beans

Nilambri Ghai & Amani Singh

  Green String Beans Long thin beans on slender stems, fresh, smooth velvet carefully picked, weighed, lifted.

El Tamalito

Maya Khankhoje

    Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda wrote a passionate ode to the humble onion, acknowledging its importance as a staple […]