Between the Notes

Julie Richard
Julie Richard

Music does not exist except in time. It is the sequence of sounds, one note flowing into the next, that turns noise into music. Photography is different. It plucks an image out of time and enlists that frozen moment to represent the life that flows behind and beyond it. These images are music between two notes, the intensity and focus of musicians in the instants within the music, the moment’s pause that captures the whole.

Len White

Text and photographs © Joseph Kary

Joseph Kary is a lawyer, writer, photographer, and occasional translator of poetry. His photography has been displayed at Gallery Arcturus, Sefiroth and Java Jive, and his writing has appeared in publications ranging from the Ottawa Law Review and the American Journal of Legal History to the Ottawa Review of Books. His poetry translations can be found in the Online Treasury of Yiddish Poetry and In Geveb.