Literature Issue

Volume 27 Issue 4


  For several thousand years, the dominant view of the arts and literature has been  that they imitate reality.

Geriatric Ward

  I share a room in the geriatric ward With another who can speak A language everyone understands.

Edith Mourning

  To Gertrude MacFarlane, in memory   Edith peers down the long shadowed nave of the church.

Lost Urbanity

  The Situation   The McGill University Health Centre at the Glen (the MUHC) is a mega- complex on the […]

Two: Mad and Un-mad *

    (*unmâd is a term in the Bengali Language, which is used to designate a totally insane but intellectually […]

La Lecture

  LA LECTURE             (Quatuor de quatrains n̊ 72)   Je lisais dans mon lit des romans d’aventure, Une torche […]

Diary of a Whore

  When I think of those who have called me a whore–– lovers, liars, taxi drivers, strangers, men who knew […]

The nettle spinner

      Unsteadily into the light a bumblebee sipping nettle flowers now in shatters on a field her party […]

Onion Women

We are very average women in the way that we wake up and make up ourselves in the morning.