Literature Issue

Volume 27 Issue 4


  For several thousand years, the dominant view of the arts and literature has been  that they imitate reality. Even […]

Geriatric Ward

  I share a room in the geriatric ward With another who can speak A language everyone understands.   I […]

Edith Mourning

  To Gertrude MacFarlane, in memory   Edith peers down the long shadowed nave of the church. There is only […]

Lost Urbanity

  The Situation   The McGill University Health Centre at the Glen (the MUHC) is a mega- complex on the […]

Two: Mad and Un-mad *

    (*unmâd is a term in the Bengali Language, which is used to designate a totally insane but intellectually […]

La Lecture

  LA LECTURE             (Quatuor de quatrains n̊ 72)   Je lisais dans mon lit des romans d’aventure, Une torche […]

Diary of a Whore

  When I think of those who have called me a whore–– lovers, liars, taxi drivers, strangers, men who knew […]

The nettle spinner

      Unsteadily into the light a bumblebee sipping nettle flowers now in shatters on a field her party […]

In the shadow of war

  Loren Edizel was born in Izmir, Turkey, formerly Smyrna. In The Ghosts of Smyrna Edizel deftly interweaves the small […]

Onion Women

We are very average women in the way that we wake up and make up ourselves in the morning. We […]