Autumn Leaves & Watching the sunset on Bar Harbor

IMG water fall




Autumn leaves have been falling,

falling near and far.


So silently they fall, they make no sound

when they fall and hit the ground where

standing over them dressed in dark suits

are trees in solemn mourning

and devoid of comforting thoughts,


except perhaps the trees’ own knowledge

that leaves are born in the spring

to fall before the winter to save the trees,


and that some leaves, despite their predicament,

have managed to grow and realize

their true colours,

and have lived fully thus for a time

before they fall.





Our feeling has followed the sun’s

downward path towards the water

long before we begin to notice.

It has been out trailing the sun,

and has been jointly descending,

and is now gleaming and rippling on the inlet.

But what causes the feeling to ripple?


Perhaps it is perturbed by the prevision

that all which it beholds and holds dear,

like the sunlit inlet and surrounding hills

and the beautiful sailing vessels

that anchor here, will soon disappear

in the unrelenting rising darkness

which is all encompassing.



Dinh Le Doan was born in Vietnam and lives in Beaconsfield, Quebec. An engineer by training, he now devotes his time to writing poetry.