Heroines and Heroes

Volume 25 Issue 3

Duets for Abdelrazik

The first repetitive notes of piano announce a call to remember; a drawn out saxophone note responds. We are off […]

the walls

The photograph, of the wall of a tunnel that takes pedestrians under the railway on Lucien L’Allier near the Bell […]


Dans le secret moite de ma poche de paletot, mon index lèche sans répit la courbe de la languette. Avec […]

Art by Dyane Lessard

Artist statement: Je privilégie la peinture abstraite pour les voyages qu’elle propose, pour l’imaginaire qu’elle interpelle, pour ce qu’elle éveille […]

Heroes and Uniforms

Heroes turn up in the most unlikely of places. Take the Wildberry Inn in Newfoundland. The Wildberry  isn’t up to […]


There goes Rudy!  Now that is a tuff dude— what’s up carnal! Everybody greets him. As the homies pay their […]