A “Montreal Serai Take” on Vandana Sood-Giddings

Still: Vandana being interviewed while driving around Montreal

In August of 2012, Vandana Sood-Giddings, journalist, visited Montreal. Montreal Serai decided to interview her about her current project – a crowd sourced web documentary called The Taxi Takes on the World. To keep in the spirit of the project itself – we decided to do the interview while driving around Montreal in a car.

View on Youtube in better resolution.

More information (including how to contact Vandana Sood-Giddings):

The Taxi Takes on the World (a crowd sourced web documentary)


One of Vandana’s Taxi Takes done in Mumbai called

The Taxi Takes: Women and Islam


One thought on “A “Montreal Serai Take” on Vandana Sood-Giddings

  1. Interesting idea, though non-English speaking drivers’d need translation into English.

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