Women and Health

Volume 26 Issue 2

Abstract Safari

Carlos Ferrand interviewed by Julian Samuel Carlos Ferrand was born in Lima, Peru. For the past 35 years he has […]

Women and Health in 2013

Why an issue dedicated to women and health? Because in 2013, even while women are increasinlgly becoming decision makers within […]

Some links and stats

Voting Rights for Women Seventy-three years ago, on April 25, 1940, Bill 18 was passed, putting an end to electoral […]

Vingt femmes

Maria Ezcurra Exposition Fils, tendances et dangers  Maison de la culture de Nôtre Dame de Grâce Du 25 avril au […]


  We manoeuvred out of a tight parking spot only to have a youth in a black pick- up truck […]

Let Moms be Moms!

  One day I’ll read something that doesn’t set me off, but it seems this day has yet to come.  […]