Volume 27 Issue 1

Mermaid Road

Mermaid Road, a handmade book; Louise Carson, Broken Rules Press, 2013 Mermaid Road is not a conventional imagining of a mermaid’s life. […]


  The Monarch butterfly can travel up to 2,500 miles across “borderless” lands to seek warmth and nourishment for its […]


  Oh you, who remember Jerusalem too well, Wash sacred rock with your tears. Whether exile has chosen you or […]

Baarìa & Chimanigasse

    Chimanigasse   Through the kitchen window: walnut trees in bloom. Forsythia.   Alpine foothills, granite cliffs by the […]

Namesake and Volver

[soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/montreal-serai/namesake-a-performance-poem[/soundcloud]   (A poem about aging as an émigré and seeing the progeny move away)   Slowly the skin gets […]

Dispatches from FIFA

  El Amor Amargo de Chavela or Dreaming Chavela, if you wish, is a 2013 documentary about Mexican ranchera music […]