Forced Nomads

Volume 29 Issue 1


Dheepan is a Tamil-language film directed by French director Jacques Audiard, featuring Jesuthasan Anthonythasan as Dheepan, Kalieaswari Srinivasan as his […]

Forced Nomads

Following the rhythm of the seasons suggests an ebb and flow: a life in harmony.

Farida – a book review

    Farida by Naïm Kattan, translated by Norman Cornett and Antonio D’Alfonso, Guernica Editions, 252 pp. Canadian novelist, essayist and critic, […]

Refugees Welcome, Refugees Go Back

For six days, Imraan and his fellow passengers talked about games and films, keeping themselves distracted from thoughts of their families and the war they had left behind.

Whose side are you on?

    Spoiler alert: If you are a devoted believer that putting Canadian “boots on the ground” in Syria will […]

Braver Than Anyone

  The eyes of the taxi driver regard me in the mirror. “Why are you going out in this storm?” […]

Forced Nomads

Rampant globalization, senseless war, anthropogenic climate change, unbridled technological innovation and even (why not?) old-fashioned greed are the ingredients that lead to massive destabilization of human populations.

FIFA 2016

Hu has a lithe and beautiful body which he struts throughout the film in a fluid graceful calligraphy