Voices Unveiled

Volume 32 Issue 2

Voices Unveiled

  Québec has just passed Bill 21, which bans many Québecers from holding positions of authority in the public service […]

My Undiscovered Country

  My Undiscovered Country by Cyril Dabydeen, Mosaic Press (2018), 129 pages   Cyril Dabydeen is a Canadian writer born […]

Prendre Position

  Ma voix se dévoile Je me souviens lorsque j’étudiais le chant classique au Collège Ste-Croix. Thérèse, ma professeure, me […]

In Which

In Which, Being Book One of the Chronicles of Deasil Widdy by Louise Carson, Broken Rules Press (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec), 2018, […]

“Me Artsy”

Me Artsy, compiled and edited by Drew Hayden Taylor Douglas & McIntyre, 2015 (256 pages)   The best way to […]

Killing Field

  Conception, photos, commentary: Tilak Seth, Keya Dasgupta and Subhendu Dasgupta English text: Nilanjan Dutta           […]

Nelly’s Diary

    My grandmother died in 1969 at the age (I think) of 89. My brother and I weren’t expected […]

Voices Unsilenced

    Seven Mountains For my maternal grandmother   That moment when you see spring on your windowsill you have […]