The Literature Issue: The Heart has its Reasons

Volume 28 Issue 4

Mile End Murals

Portrait of Nina Simone, heart blazing, on Jeanne Mance St., by Montréal street artist (and jazz singer) MissMe, who describes herself […]

Five poems

  Canadian poetry The birds are quiet here. They do not shout or bang about the window openings. They are […]

The heart has its reasons

In the context of the present aggressive globalization, this affirmation – the heart has its reasons – is fundamental. It […]

Number of Lies

  “She is a liar and a cheat. She is an elephant. She is my wife.” And it was the […]

Some Remarkable Women

Resilience and Triumph: Immigrant Women Tell their Stories (Second Story Press) is a collection of writings by over 45 women […]

Canada in Africa

  Yves Engler’s latest book, Canada in Africa: 300 Years of Aid and Exploitation, continues this author’s relentless work not […]

Bauls in Saguenay and Kolkata

      Imagine nomads in quilted alkhallas (long loose robes), strumming ektaras (single stringed drone guitars) in the Sufi-Baul[1] tradition […]