Mile End Murals


Portrait of Nina Simone, heart blazing, on Jeanne Mance St., by Montréal street artist (and jazz singer) MissMe, who describes herself as “an artful vandal.” For more on MissMe, go to her website at (Photo by Jody Freeman)




Anonymous mural photo of South Asian school girls on an industrial building in the old textile neighbourhood of Mile End (Casgrain St.) (Photo by Jody Freeman)




Mural by Hsix (Carlos Oliva) honouring Lea Roback

Lea Roback, portrayed here as a young union organizer in the 1930s in this unsigned mural in Montréal’s Mile End. She fought for women’s, workers’ and immigrants’ rights – for social justice and universal access to education – and was active in the peace movement. Even into her 80s, Lea was always turning up on picket lines and marches, and she encouraged young people in their social activism and artistic endeavours. On her 90th birthday, the Lea Roback Foundation was created to award scholarships to socially-committed low-income women in Québec. (Photo by Jody Freeman)