The Literature Issue: Intersections between science and art

Vol 32 No 4

An Ecology of Death

    My father’s death defeated me; I felt robbed by it.  It didn’t come as a surprise because he […]

The Problem of Joy

    Mitochondrial Eve A plague of poppies: salmon, tomato, apricot. Some years I save the seeds, audible in upright […]

Touching on Tangents

  Turbulence it’s not the breath, in or out not quite breath’s only the boundary sneaks past smooth ebbs on […]

Cardinal Flower

  Cardinal Flower Red flash— a few sprigs puncture the monotony of brown-green bog, never-ending evergreens and skeletons of cedar. […]

Snow Is Falling

  Snow Is Falling Snow is falling. The earth turns white. Its new skin is as smooth as silk. The […]

Cheeky Mathematics

    Cheeky Mathematics He and she fuse their cells with the sticky glue of their warm juices Two cells […]