Out of the ashes

Vol 35. No. 1

Out of the Ashes

    Over a year ago when our editorial team gamed out our upcoming issues, we decided that the theme […]

Mother and Child

    [Editorial note: Serai editor Rana Bose was intrigued by the autobiographical story submitted by Miriam Edelson, from Toronto. […]

Even After the Peace

    AT THE END OF THE YARD Because after much meandering I’ve determined the world is that new bicycle, […]

A Visit to Belfast

    Recently, I read a collection of reminiscences on the hunger strike of 1981 carried out by republican prisoners […]

Lava Tube

  There Was a Wind There was a wind blowing outside, a dog barking, flashing headlights. When your stomach turned […]

Fear the Mirror

    I will say it outright: Fear the Mirror, Cora Siré’s newly minted collection of linked short stories, is […]