Fault Lines

Volume 29 Issue 2

Book Review of Executor

Canadians adopting girl children from China, and “the dark world of transplant tourism” and organ trade in that country and its links to Canada

“Sharing” the BS

How long are we going to be in denial about certain fundamental belief systems that have been put in place and are being continuously doctored and prettied up to look good?

Who Rules the World?

Chomsky himself has stated on numerous occasions over the years, it is his duty as a citizen of the United States to speak out against the atrocities committed by his country on foreign shores

Orlando: the fault lines that remain souterrain

...and so as not to waste time on the demagogic hysteria of fascist wall-builders and KKKers blending in with Trumpers, let us list a few things that still seem so unsettled in the discussion about what happened in Orlando.

11 Steps, revisited

11 Steps is a comment on the fogginess in the minds of our government as to what human chaos would really unfold if a nuclear disaster occurred....

Fault Lines

Copyright protection beyond sixty years for any work, beyond the span of a human life, rewards greed.


For the next six days, we stayed at home, obeying the curfew that gripped the city as the Israeli army stood at its doorstep.

Sharing Memory

It is an extraordinary fact that for more than three decades, France never officially acknowledged the Algerian War.