Volume 30 Issue 1

Sources of sustenance

What sustains our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our spirits, our families, our communities, our environment?

Review of The Invention of Wings

The title of The Invention of Wings is inspired by ancient black folklore which maintains that Africans were able to fly before they lost their wings when trapped into slavery.

A Novel’s Prophetic Powers

Set in the near future and structured into two books, the novel tells the story of a family and their fraught journey from New York City to Montréal, or, in some respects, from the dangers of dystopia to the refuge of utopia.

Sustenance is not debatable

Perhaps the notion that indigenous people living on reservations should have the same constitutional right to clean drinking water as non-indigenous people has not really dawned on the city people!


...we need to honour these silenced and silent women and all others who are still exiled and violated and unseened.