Class, Caste: Cultural labels?

Volume 26 Issue 1


“À leurs yeux, nous n’étions pas humains.” Le début d’un procès historique: le général Efraín Rios Montt accusé de génocide […]

Eight pieces of art

Dominique Normand provides us with eight pieces of art and four answers to questions posed by Serai’s Nilambri Ghai. Your […]

Class and Cultural labels

“Il est comme un chauffeur de taxi!” Which means he could be Black, Haitian, Iranian, incomprehensible, immigrant, shifty, or that […]


I woke from nightmare into the vast bed. The magnificent coral bed carved into figures of men and dogs, with […]

Digital Crossroads

A good friend recently reminded me of how I behaved at the Cancun bus station in 1991 when we travelled […]

Another Home

Phula did not look tall enough for a twelve-year-old, but that was the age she went by. It had been […]

The Second Caste

It is generally accepted that the term caste as applied in India was introduced by the Portuguese when they established […]

Three poems

Accordion I passed a man playing accordion on a park bench filling the thick afternoon sunshine with strands that made me homesick […]

Who Am I?

In the early 20th century, an enlightened Indian sage named Ramana Maharshi lived at the base of a mountain thought […]

Two New Poems

ROMA In the last heat, little puffs of fog lift off the marsh like white birds, and although she is […]

Election Day

This song has been kicking around in my notebook for a while now. I figured what better time to record […]

Tai’s Rules

Jennie was seven when she first met Tai,  her father’s sister. Sadashiv, her father,   had been longing to return to […]