Class, Caste: Cultural labels?

Volume 26 Issue 1


“À leurs yeux, nous n’étions pas humains.” Le début d’un procès historique: le général Efraín Rios Montt accusé de génocide […]

Eight pieces of art

Dominique Normand provides us with eight pieces of art and four answers to questions posed by Serai’s Nilambri Ghai.

Class and Cultural labels

“Il est comme un chauffeur de taxi!” Which means he could be Black, Haitian, Iranian, incomprehensible, immigrant, shifty, or that […]

Digital Crossroads

A good friend recently reminded me of how I behaved at the Cancun bus station in 1991 when we travelled […]

Another Home

Phula did not look tall enough for a twelve-year-old, but that was the age she went by.

The Second Caste

It is generally accepted that the term caste as applied in India was introduced by the Portuguese when they established […]

Three poems

Accordion I passed a man playing accordion on a park bench filling the thick afternoon sunshine with strands that made me homesick […]

Who Am I?

In the early 20th century, an enlightened Indian sage named Ramana Maharshi lived at the base of a mountain thought […]

Two New Poems

ROMA In the last heat, little puffs of fog lift off the marsh like white birds, and although she is […]