Peuple Dilué









A series of ink on paper drawings, Peuple dilué investigates the psychology of bodies untethered to borders and regions. Originally inspired by the Roma population of Sutka, Macedonia, this on-going series explores the idea of a people versus a nation and transient identities.

Artist’s Statement 

My work is focused on the human form and psyche. By placing the body as a recognizable yet universal form in ambiguous situations, I explore its psychology in relation to itself and to its environment. Through experimentation in disparate mediums, I depict highly imaginary interpretations of the diverse worlds I have inhabited. I invite the viewer into these non-places that I create, which permeate boundaries as much as they help build them.

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Naghmeh Sharifi was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and another in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (2006). She is currently completing her MFA degree in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in Tehran, Mexico City, Berlin, Los Angeles and Montréal. Naghmeh has been maintaining her creative writing practice for over a decade, benefitting from workshops and writing seminars. Her poems have appeared in Montréal Serai since 2006.