The Literature Issue: What is disowned wreaks havoc

Volume 29 Issue 4

With This Ring

...they were born in a country where female foeticide – and even infanticide – is endemic.

The Wound that Almost Healed

Getting into her white coat, she glanced at the list of people to whom she had given an appointment over the telephone during the weekend.

Reading the paintings on the wall

Mexican filmmakers Luis Ernesto Nava and Keisdo Shimabukuro have devoted the last ten years to understanding and documenting human migrations through Mexico.

Settler Education

Settler Education, is a historically informed book of poetry that roams through Canada’s past, focusing on the destabilizing impact of colonialism, particularly on the indigenous population of North America, but also on European settlers.

Belief by Mayank Bhatt

Rafiq is a young, second-generation, Indo-Canadian Muslim being implicated in a plot to bomb public places in Toronto.

A Clearing

In these difficult, divisive, often overwhelming times, all of us crave a clear, quiet space


The Hindu goddess Durga represents strength, motherhood and the victory of good over evil.

The Measure of Darkness

A man awakens from his coma, his caregivers, family and colleagues realize that he suffers from “neglect syndrome”.