Native issues

Volume 23 Issue 4

Stewards of the land

The words aboriginal, indigenous, native, primitive, adivasi, tribal  and first nations are used almost synonymously although there are subtle differences […]

A Mask

Unknown to perhaps many of us in this part of the world, there is a significant population of aboriginal people […]


I have a Question…… Twenty-nine organizations in Canada came together on November 16th, 2010 to issue a joint statement in […]

Norman Bethune and Montreal

Norman Bethune was a world-reknowned Canadian surgeon, a passionate humanitarian, and a brilliant medical innovator. Born in Ontario in 1890, […]

3 Poems

De Maiz… Everyone is igualdad Said the man of the wise mind And the old hands He told me We […]

4 Poems

SAND PLAINS, 1848 When deer are mating: The clatter of antlers. Sound of the drum beating- Log house where the […]