Literature: Short and Contemporary

Volume 26 issue 4

Unusual Gardening

If I believed in fate as an intelligent force, I would see my relationship with Jay as predestined. From the […]

An Unexpected Visitor

    “Sometimes we revolutionaries are alone; even  our children see us as strangers.”– Che Guevara   The “guest speaker” […]

A Good Day

The knock comes as Ellie scratches at the remnants of a dream. A chilly wind on her cheeks. Moving against […]

Sonnet: A Corset?

    I have become interested in the sonnet form recently after years of writing and publishing books of free […]

I Worst of All

  No, it was not you I was thinking of when you caught me.   I didn’t answer you last […]

Two Poems

  In the Drear Light of Zoo I see my shadow Elongated Etiolated, uprooted And high Plugged into the miracle […]

Disaster theatre

  There is something obscenely theatrical about the Bhopal disaster. On the night of December 2nd 1984, a leak at […]