Just Art

Vol. 34 No. 2

Art Beyond the Canon

    A group of oil-on-canvas camel herders in Rajasthan, a number of plants sent from different parts of the […]


    I’ve been making a series of hand-embroidered interventions on printed fabric. The images of various places and people […]

She Cleans the Sky

    An interview with Roxann Karonhiarokwas Whitebean [Editorial note:  Montréal Serai editor Jody Freeman interviewed Roxann Karonhiarokwas Whitebean in mid-May 2021, […]

The Painted Earthling

    I come from a thousand light-years beyond the dark twilight of Earth, a planet today corroded by ambition […]

Heart of the Desert

  Artist’s Statement All through my training in sketching and painting, I was inspired by Bargue and Gérôme’s Cours de […]

The Skin Below the Mask

  Easily Fooled, by H. Nigel Thomas Guernica Editions, 2021, 293 pages   It does not matter how sharp and […]