Fear and Loathing in modern times

Volume 28 Issue 3

Silent No More

On October 29, hundreds of men and women packed the public square at Place des Arts in Montréal for a […]

The Portraitist

  “It was on a Sunday afternoon that the portraitist came to me, not in search of any ransom, but […]

Rite of Passage

José! The Migra, José, the Migra! Hurry up, just as you are, don’t even dry yourself off! What? The Migra! […]

The Rule of Phobos

As always, when editing an issue of Montréal Serai, there is a certain FEAR bordering on near paranoia that the […]

Amadou Diptych

The Amadou Diallo Diptych is a memorial divided between a section of darkness and violence, chaos, and a section devoted to Diallo’s […]

Remembering Miss Jane

Her name was Jane Houde. She was half French-Canadian and half-Irish. She was born in Quebec City and raised in […]