Where? Somewhere & Death of Life


Where? Somewhere.

She walked some more to reach the unknown. Some more, another mile to go there, where? Somewhere.
To reach there she had to walk a mile more.
Stopped for water but nothing to be seen, so she walked some more.
The body had dried up and the sweat absorbed in the parched land but to reach there she had to move on.
She walked some more, only to see more land, it seemed she had just a little more to go.
The undulating path cheated the eyes, to reach there, she had to walk some more.
She was told, she must reach there. Where? Somewhere.
and so She obeyed. Walked a mile and a little more until she could walk no more.


Death of Life

Every eye that meets has to say a lot, it shuts every second and opens to unfold mysterious stories.
Sheer pleasure is in the warmth of the sun and silence of the night.
Every life questions its existence, going down in the abyss.
To jump across the barb wire of expectations, to the world, unknown.
According to the will, the paths don’t lead and the flowers never bloom.
Inside is crimson molten boiling, making the bones die every second.
Like the wild flowers, unkempt yet beautiful, the humans.
Want to dance endlessly to the tunes of the never ending melody, but alas! feet trapped in fetters…
Vapors, human vapors, each one rotting in the world of pretence.
Every relation, like words written on the sea bed…
Fighting against one’s own virtues, the eye’s left parched as the desert.
Survival of the fittest and the rest enjoy the slumber of the polar.
All, mere players of destiny, like the dry, curled leaves go to and fro as the wind pleases.
Lives, as hollow as the termite infested bark of the oak tree.
The intense emotions and the wide sparkling smile, only make the eyes shut in agony.
Shame reigns the present, digging one’s grave unconsciously, yet a rosy future is the dream.
Cowardice buried deep inside the eyes, yet carry the burden of saving the world.  

Anisha Dutt, is a junior in Rochester Institute of technology, NY. Her major is International Studies and her minor is Sociology and Anthropology.