It’s Day Forty-seven, the bombings continue

and “tragic mistakes” and “regretful errors” too

and ruined life hourly trickles out of Kosovo

and defiant Belgrade amid the rubble keeps on saying No

and “we are sorry but we’ll go on pounding”

usukian* hacks parrot pundits of Nato agitprop

on Sunday tv soapboxes predictably perched.

It’s Day Forty-seven, and Nato’s on the ropes:

Pristina’s soiled and bloodied Slobo just won’t budge

Beggary Boris baits and waits, refusing to play ball

UN’s Mother Mary* has thrown the book and all

at Allied Force’s mendacious men of war

Clinton Schroeder Blair Chirac Chretien Aznar

outlaws of the same ilk as the Serpent’s* KLA and Arkan’s Tigers.


And now across the whole of Chinadom

it’s payback time for moral hectoring and for Tiananmen

as usukian and kindred embassies and consulates

burn sans opium are under siege threatened and splattered

by furious tearful crowds of students workers whole families

shouting “Nato Nazis!” and throwing rocks and paint

at Human Rights’ self-named watchdogs and Democracy’s Gods.

“Moral imperative” unleashed “Overwhelming force”, they said,

as missiles flew from ships and bombs rained from beyond range.

“It’s a just cause, but we’ll take no casualties”, proclaimed

the new Mahans*, Lords of the skies, “Learn to live

with collateral damage, it’ll be clean and quick”. Yeah.

Tell that to the Kosovars Serbs Montenegrians Albanians Macedonians

and the newly-wed Chinese couple “by mistake” three times zapped.

Nato’s own “Survival imperative” is more like it.

It’s Day Forty-seven with half the Kosovars in flight half on the run

and one wonders: Is it Nato serving Kosovo or the other way round?

Just ask the Lausanne-betrayed Kurds and the Palestinians

sacrificed at the altar of another “World Order”

Afghan women left to the mercies of the Free World’s Taliban

and see Nato-friendly Kigali-Kampala feed the Great Lakes fire.

And one wonders: Is GloboCop double-driven by rival agendas

of those who want out “with honour” and those who won’t back down?

Is it a test for Bill and Jiang as well? Are some mistakes deliberate?

It’s Day Forty-seven and missiles don’t come back. Ask Reagan.

Nato can’t re-enter the UN and declare victory and survive:

Moscow has claims, and Beijing too, and that could just finish Nato.

But both as enemy, now there’s a bright prospect for world hegemony!

Jooneed Khan – Montreal, May 9, 1999

Notes: usukian : relative to the US-UK axis Mother Mary : Mary Robinson, UN Commissionner for Human Rights The Serpent : nom de guerre of Hashim Thaqi. Boss of the KLA Mahan, Alfred Thayer : US admiral who authored The Influence of Sea Power Upon History


Copyright © 1999 by Jooneed Khan. All Rights Reserved.