The Great Foreskin Debate


Why do Jews have to be circumcised?

Christ was a Jew before the Christians arrived,

Yet Catholics tend to remain intact.

You can pray all day,

But you’ll never get your foreskin back.

Yes, I know about hygienic concerns.

While wandering through the desert

All that dust could create quite a crust,

But who has forty years to kill like that?

Then, Allah forbade mutilation,

But are He and Yaweh the same God?

I wonder what it must be like

To fuck with a severed penis.



Taken from K. Gandhar Chakravarty’s recently published book of poems entitled: Kolkata Dreams (2009)

K. Gandhar Chackravarty has recently published a book of Poems, "Kolkata Dreams" and is a PhD student in Religion at Universite de Montreal.