The Best Thing that has happened on the Internet….



“The penetration of society by the Internet and the penetration of the Internet by society is the best thing that has ever happened to global human civilization.”   Julian Assange


Aside from the across-the-board and simplistic generalization made by Assange, there is an obvious wholesomeness to that blessed word penetration which predicates success or the lack of it, too often. Often in our very contextual, highly efficient and deeply non-conspiratorial quarterly gatherings (wherein some editors must participate by Skype or Google Hangout, with great trepidation), some conclusions are reached, whereby we say “we got fucked on that one”, or “we (in turn) fucked somebody off, on that issue.” Thus penetration or the old activist phrase “mass base” becomes critical in determining our ability to spread our word and make a mark on our readership or tick some off (which is equally important).

Montreal Serai, being essentially an electronic Arts and Culture magazine, has been penetrating the seriously reflective Arts scene around us (and this could stretch from Montreal to California and Asia and Australia and China, through Europe and back to Canada)  with significant vigour and vitality.

So from meagre beginnings and about 1000 readers per month, we have reached 1.9 million hits per year, as of last year, with roughly 160,000 new and unique visitors per quarter.  You may want to visit the Montreal Serai archives here  to get an idea of how far back we have been able to keep a record of our electronic presence.

Being a free magazine—and we emphasize FREE—we need to develop a much larger automated mailing list. This facilitates the distribution, the “penetration” with greater fidelity. Strangely enough, even some of our regular writers are unaware that they are not on the subscribers list.  Please feel adventurous and go to  and complete the form with alacrity and enthusiasm. Now if you are into “liking” you may also visit our FB page here  and moreover on the right hand top of our homepage, you will be able to connect with our FB page, as well as follow us on Twitter or get regular RSS feeds, if you wish.  But, please subscribe!

The Editors, Montreal Serai