Oleh Derhachov

“In cartoons I value symbolism and imagination. Cartoons for me are real art. By the way, I don’t like the word « cartoon ». I prefer « humor in art » or witty drawings with meaning. I respect all graphic techniques – etching, silk-screens, lithography. I love all materials. It is just a question of figuring out which material suits my idea and how to use it for my art.”     From Montréal Serai Archives Vol. 19 No. 3.

© Oleh Derhachov


© Oleh Derhachov


© Oleh Derhachov



© Oleh Derhachov


Oleh Derhachov has been a professional artist since 1980. He graduated with Master of Fine Arts degree in 1984 from the Ukrainian Academy. He has won more than 85 prizes in international cartoon contests around the world, and his work is displayed in London, Paris, Moscow and Montréal. The idea of evoking positive, light-hearted emotions in our difficult and stressful times is a central theme for him. Oleh is an art director, teacher, artist, sculptor, cartoonist, illustrator and animator.

Art work: http://www.cartoongallery.eu/englishversion/gallery/canada/oleg-dergachov/

Montréal studio: http://synstudio.ca/oleg-dergachov/



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