Moment, arriving




Time of rising temperatures
the dawn horse gallops on primitive hooves
greeting the day’s heat with hunger and teeth
grinding small-brained toward
longer-limbed progeny
expanding onto the first grassy plains
no mountains to snow on but
  coming on slowly
          the planet
            give it a taste for
                carbon dioxide
                  imbibed so gradually
                         life flourishes birthing all manner of beasts
                  even our ancestors rise in the birth-time of the crease-kissed Himalayas
                  youngfold ranges that pique
               our interest
           keep us scrambling
        gear-craving mules
     arriving late
at their feet.


Tipping Point


Don’t blink or you’ll miss it
the moment we all hit the gas
for the last time on
this side of the brink
the merger of here with
the margin of error
our oops overshot
by the extra 100 watts
more than 100 years of flight,
drive, and fight
for convenience, luxury,
patriotic sport, or fury.
Don’t be caught
wasting time sending out
another ping just to savour
the music of a doomed echo
on the lookout for fan-fares
signal flares, messages
from God or aliens
the billboard’s already up
it’s written by bees, amphibians
and educated simians
pointing to not a place
but a momentous mistake
this way we tip our
world into imbalance.
We will never see it recover.




Paris Elizabeth Sea is an independent observer of politics from a Canadian perspective. A poet and professional science educator, her creative work explores politics, feminism, and environmental issues and has been published in numerous literary journals and publications. Her award-winning political poem, Early Morning, PMO, is available online at the website of CV2 magazine.