Far Away & Río Lagartos




to the south
ruptured oil well
tar balls soiling
protected wetlands
sea sponges
crabs, fish,
algae and octopus
     —coral reefs
thatch-roofed hut
with stick walls
crickets were singing
village posada
hibiscus tea
Yucatan, Mexico
ragged mangrove swamp
salt encrusting dead stumps
black coral
fishing for octopus
a child sitting on blue steps
blue-black silt
sea grass
pelican rookery awash in crude
oil rig spill
in the south
stained tortoise eggs

Ilona Martonfi's Blue Poppy, a first book of poems, was published with Coracle Press in 2009. Poet, editor, educator, creative writing teacher. Founder, producer/host of The Yellow Door and Visual Arts Centre Poetry and Prose Readings. Co-founder, producer/host of the annual Lovers & Others.