‘boxed – and if you must put me in a box, make sure it’s a big box’


Bio and art statement:


Ling Yuen is a Canadian/Australian visual artist living, working and studying in Montreal and Sydney. Her photographic work ‘boxed’ examines our understanding of identity, culture, hybridism and home.

The complete series  ‘boxed – and if you must put me in a box, make sure it’s a big box’ was exhibited at Concordia University in 2010.



Nadia Bhuiyan


Photographed in her home in Ville-Marie, December 2009


Born:                Dhaka, Bangladesh

Homes:              Montreal – Bangladesh

Appreciates:      Family and food

Regrets:             Not learning to read and write in Bengali





May Chui

Single Mom/Wannabe

Photographed in her home in Outremont, January 2010


Born:                Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

Homes:              Park Avenue, Montreal

Appreciates:      Extended family values

Regrets:              Dysfunctional family/feudalism



Dave Madokoro


Photographed at work in the Plateau, December 2009


Born:               Sherbrooke, Quebec

Homes:             Quebec – Peru

Appreciates:     Food and festivals



Carolyn Fe

Artist/Business Person

Photographed in her home in Rosemont, January 2010


Born:                Quezon City, Philippines

Homes:              At home with Hubby, in the studio and on stage

Appreciates:      Food, music, art, theatre

Regrets:             Being judged by the cover and not the content





Dipti Gupta

Colorful/Contemplative – Teacher/Artist

Photographed at her home in Little Burgundy, January 2010


Born:                     Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Homes:                  Montreal – New Delhi – Baroda

Appreciates:          Good architecture – (old 18-19C buildings; tombs, old forts), people from diverse cultures, chance encounters

Regrets:                 Not playing an instrument well or even being able to sing



Alan Wong

PhD Candidate/Activist

Photographed in his home in Villeray, November 2009


Born:                Deep River, Ontario

Homes:              Deep River – Mississauga – Fredericton – Montreal

Appreciates:      Whatever I encounter in my life

Regrets:             Being too old to discover that I really wanted to be a figure skater



Amena Ahmad


Photographed in her home in Downtown Montreal, January 2010


Born:                Lahore, Pakistan

Homes:              Anywhere my family is!

Appreciates:      Importance of family

Regrets:             Treatment of women, general close-mindedness



Janet Lumb

A Laughing Smile/One who Sees & Gets the Best in People

Photographed in her home in the Plateau, December 2009


Born:              Toronto, Ontario

Homes:            Toronto – Vancouver – Montreal – Where the heart is

Appreciates:    Family, arts, ancestors, future

Regrets:           That I needed 30 years to rebel, grow up and realize how much I LOVE my mother





Heidi Mehta

Activist/Community Worker

Photographed in her home in the Mile End, December 2009


Born:        Toronto, Ontario

Homes:      Toronto – Montreal




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