I love Montreal, tu sais
because English  here is charmant
and French  c’est cool
because locals  know
that a ridge
is really a mountain
because tortillas &  chapattis
&  pitas & bagels
have no quarrel
with pâté chinois
because anything that flies
or rides or rolls
or sails or skates
converges on  this island
even the Grand Prix
because the women dress with flair
and the men with panache
because cyclists push
SUV’s off the road
because the weather
can still surprise us
like a new lover
because it has
a head and a heart
somme toute 
because life in Montreal
is a year-long  f-e-s-t-i-v-a-l…


Maya Khankhoje came to Montreal just for a year 33 years ago but she forgot to leave.