god sees through the eyes of the homeless and small animals

Short video clip of my friend Edward Charles Lewis. Ed was my inspiration for writing for this article. He is 54 years old and is a homeless man in and of Chicago and has been homeless off and on for the last two decades.   Transcript of the video can be found at the bottom of this page.


literally dazed and confused, no one knows what’s in the mind of a homeless person, they stand off the highway ramps begging for money (who really knows for what) they wander  in the parks lonely and in their need for rest (day time sleep), they walk and sit  around the busy metropolitan areas of the city they sometimes congregate the  churches soup kitchens, some even only lonely visit your garbage to eat, some hitchhike cross country some ride the freights, some live in the desert and others in the forest just to wander out once in a while for tobacco & scraps then mystically go back not to be seen for a long while. Some homeless people have been abused as a child while some have abused someone (took their smile). Some were born into drugs and some have supplied drugs, some are sad about something and others about nothing, some are mad about something and others about nothing, some are running from something (painful themselves) others are running to find something (happiness), some have never known happiness and others are always happy, some have killed and others are dead, some are genius smart but they really really really smell really bad, some have girlfriends (boyfriends) some want boyfriends (girlfriends), some are totally disgusted by women (men), some have open sores on their feet that really hurt, some are strong and healthy some have aids and herpes, some are gods spirits in disguise, spirits that can look into your soul and give you advice, some just talk to themselves so they wont be bothered or treated as someone normal, but most all of them would probably if it came down to it try and save your life especially if no one else was watching, some are homeless just for fun (freedom), some consider homelessness – finally with a home – having a place that cannot be lost because of what I do or don’t do, most homeless are like immature monk sages that relish in what is provided daily to them from god and spend the rest of the time.

giving thanks


QUESTION – GAR so ed i wanted to ask you another question. what do you want people to know about homeless people, people you’ve known that that’s been homeless and yourself as a homeless person.

aum   to be homeless is not a bad thing you have a chance to experience of how to make it in the world the way Jesus did he went through all around the world, he had no money, he talked to people, had a good time-you know, spread good spirits-aright, I’m the same way, i talk to people always have something good to say, i don’t more else gonna say

By profession I am only a free lance heart, I am also a wannabe healer/musician, and the guy that stands off the highway ramp that I keep giving money to, most of all I am a nice and good person which makes me a very good father and rainbow warrior.