“Biomimicry” serves as a reminder that humans share numerous “patterns, behaviours, models” with nature, urging a return to our roots.

Biomimicry © Sridevi

We are living in an era of continuously cataclysmic historical events. 

Or perhaps we are only now paying attention to these ongoing, mutating issues—

from COVID-19 to the colonization of Palestine, to the mass displacement of Sudanese refugees, to the exploitation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its people, to the tearing apart of Kashmir. 

Using a combination of gouache, acrylic and ink, Biomimicry is inspired by Mithila wall painting from the state of Bihar, India. It is a reminder that humankind shares numerous patterns, behaviours, models with ecosystems in nature. It is a nudge to return to the land, return to our roots for inspiration and guidance on how to build movements through these times, with gentleness, inclusivity and integrity. Through our ongoing struggles, nature remains steadfast, committed to collaboration and growth. Perhaps if we, too, attuned ourselves to nature’s ways, we would learn a lot, and find common ground.

Biomimicry © Sridevi
Biomimicry © Sridevi – View high resolution
22.5 cm x 61 cm on mixed media paper

Sridevi (they/them) is a Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal)-based artist and researcher whose practice plays primarily with painting, relief printmaking and textiles. They research and work on their craft in their home studio while connecting with community at local art shows and markets. 

Sridevi has participated in a number of group shows, notably with Projet Marquage PAAL Montréal (2023), No Borders (New York, 2023) and Fruition (2023). With a practice grounded in research and tantric Shaktism, they hope to reconnect with their roots and uncover stories from their lineages that have been buried. Their art strives to be more than creation: it is a lifelong commitment to the revelatory power of storytelling, inviting you to join them in a journey to heal both the Self and the Collective. You can keep up with Sridevi’s work on Instagram.