Is transparency in media a smoking mirror? Can information save the world?

Volume 24 Issue 1

Sea of Revolt

If you observe a mappemonde carefully you will notice a large body of  blue water surrounded  by land on all […]

Can’t Tweet a Rev!

There is a tendency amongst a lot of liberal-minded people to go ape about Wikileaks, beyond and above what are […]

Tiny Blue Ball

The world isn’t what it was ten or even five years ago. Technology has taken our planet and transformed it […]

I hear you Sis!

My sister, all of four years older than me, kindly informed me very early on that Santa Claus didn’t exist, […]

Un précieux repas

The text below is from a collection in progress of yet unpublished short stories, entitled “Fragments”. Les rayons du soleil […]


These days I can’t but remember Gamal Abdel Nasser.  The Arab people are now finding unity in demands, hopes and […]