Art and Democracy

Volume 22 Issue 2

Art and Democracy

In November 2008, I saw a theatrical piece by Dave St. Pierre at Theatre La Chapelle in Montreal.  The piece […]

Unspoken Words

Artist Biography: Self-taught in traditional photographic practice, dating to the 1960’s, David Duchow switched to the less-polluting digital in the […]

Art IS democracy

Art is Democracy ! Acknowledgements: 1)The Design of Dissent, Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic, Rockport Publishers Inc. 2)Paper, Paper […]


  When a person experiences invasion of any kind, one of three phenomena happen: Flight, Fight or Freeze. Any degree […]

The Invasion of Gaza

[See English version below]           غزوة غزة    بأكتبلَك من جوه حصار بأكتبلَك من تحت جدار […]

Kolkata Dreams

  Kolkata Dreams K. Gandhar Chakravarty 8th House Publishing, Montreal Canada 2009, 75 pages “I wonder what it must be […]