There are no borders

Volume 22 Issue 1

There are no borders

We’re not idiots. But as Canadians, we’re told things, contradictory things, things that don’t add up… about Afghanistan, our mission, […]

Don’t Join

      Hey kids! Want a career with a dubious future? A job where you get paid to play […]


  In the following short reconstructed video, De-Construction, I’ve used a home video report from Gaza and extracts from other […]

Urban Iran

                Urban Iran Mark Batty Publisher 130 pages, hard cover, $27.95 US/ […]

Going Home

[Short listed by the CBC-Quebec Writers Federation Literary Competition and first published in In Other Words. New English Writing from […]

A Modest Proposal

     ‘A Modest Proposal’ is from Norman Nawrocki’s anti-war, anti-Empire solo CD, ‘Duck Work’ released in 2004 on the Les Pages […]

Black Watch

     Standing on the sidelines of the parade grounds, they are old now, grandmothers, great-grandmothers; women who forfeited their […]

The Pan Scrub Game

  From thickset specky windows   he eye-balls the tough job warp and weft of the launch pad as it […]

The Old Airport

  Look through grandmother’s kitchen window: a concrete airstrip, wheat fields, red poppies, cornflowers. Forsythia, osier willows in bomb craters. […]