How to write a hook for an essay

How to write a hook for an essay


An essay hook is one or more sentences in the introduction that catches the attention of the reader. The first sentences in the introductory part will enable the reader decide on whether to continue reading or not. Hook in an essay is very vital as it contains catchy and attractive words, statements the makes the reader yarn to read more of your work. It is indeed hard to generate hook statement especially the college essay because of the topics given. You can however, generate hook ideas from personal narratives, stories, catch statements and even quotes.

How to generate hook statements

You can generate hook statements from known quotes. A literal quote is very preferred when talking about persons and great legends. You can also generate hooks from famous people or well-known personalities. For instance barrack Obama, in his slogan ‘yes we can’. A hook fully attracts somebody and makes him fully into you essay. Another way you can employ hook statement is by using humorous statements i.e. anecdote. An interesting humor that makes the reader smile at your essay will attract all of his attention and it becomes easy to read.

The main importance of a hook is to catch attention. Another way you can generate a hook is by posing a question. Posing a question that requires no answer will get the reader to try and find answers by reading your essay. You can also include well-structured definitions and facts that make the reader yarn to know more of your content. Lastly you can include statistics, figures and give facts of misconceptions about certain things in life. For example Germany is the well-known country to have translated books in a year than Arabian countries do in the last ten years.


Hook in an essay encourages the reader yarn to read more of your work. There are various ways to generate hooks as mentioned above. Applying any one of the method will enable you produce a good hook in your essay.

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