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Friends and Serai followers,

Hope we crest in the battle against COVID-19 very soon!

Montréal Serai has stepped into its 35th year as a progressive cultural force and focal point for alternate arts practice in this city.

We showcase new artists, writers, poets and performers. We review films, plays and books, and write serious and reflective essays about the times we live in. Some of Montréal’s outstanding writers, artists and poets have been featured in our pages. Over four hundred artists have contributed or have been highlighted in our magazine. A visit to our website will give you a glimpse of some of the comments we’ve received from readers and writers. Almost all Serai contributors (even the poets!) commend our attention to detail and our commitment to bringing out the best. 

Our mandate has always been to provide a forum to bring voices on the margins to the centre. Today however we are on stage as a unifying centre where diversity and acceptance are no longer matters of lip service. This centre is a space where we perform with the larger community. Each year, we add new voices, new perspectives. We continue to be defined by the communities, cultures and languages we support – Canadian, Québécois, Indigenous, multilingual, street artists, emerging writers, sculptors, musicians, well-known literary figures and those unseen. Our emergence on the stage is now providing a platform to the majority community that has chosen to support a diversified community. 

We have reached a point where we receive nearly 2 million hits per year. The average dwell time on the site is approximately 12 minutes – significantly above the average score for most mainstream magazines. Of course, we would like to believe that our friends don’t simply open an article and walk away to run errands!

Our editorial staff, copy editors and web experts work essentially on a volunteer basis. We pay all our writers a small honorarium based entirely on the funds we receive from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Every year we appeal to our readers and friends for donations, and receive a healthy response. As you might be aware, we have to pay for administrative requirements, various fundraising campaigns, stationery and supplies, postal box rental, mailing and layout software fees, and for occasional travel between Montréal and Ottawa. At times, we are faced with a major expense such as replacing our computers. We always try to limit our costs to ensure that timely payments are made to writers and artists. This year we have embarked on an internship program for an Arts History student (without any additional grants). 

We are once again in need of some auxiliary funding and are therefore asking you to contribute. All contributions ranging from $5.00 to $500.00 are welcome. You may send an e-transfer to or better still, make your donation via Paypal. At the bottom of this page and on our website, you’ll find a Donate button for payments via Paypal. Or, you can send a cheque made out to Montréal Serai to:

Box 72, Succursale NDG Montréal, Québec, Canada. H4A 3P4

Thank you for considering our request.

You can donate to Montreal Serai here, using Paypal.



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Since 2010, Montreal Serai has been publishing my poems and paying me for them. Political poems, feminist poems, lyric poems. Poems about writing poems, about being a tourist in Israel, about Montreal, the city in which I was born.

And I have read Montreal Serai's editorials, reviews, musings, and all the other poets' poems. Montreal Serai: it has been a pleasure.

Louise Carson Montreal poet and writer

The Editorial Board, Montreal Serai