embrassé / Embraced
Robert paquin

Robert Paquin is a local Montreal poet.

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(quatuor de quatrains n° 11)

Je voulais être ton ami.
And when I held you close to me,
J'aurais voulu dire « Je t'aime »,
Alas I didn't know your name.

Toi, tu m'as offert un biscuit.
I thought it was extremely sweet.
Je l'ai goûté avec délice,
As if you'd given me a kiss.

Je n'avais que ma poésie
To give you in exchange, you see.
Donnant, donnant, donneur, donnée.
Your gift had a taste of honey.

Si un poème est analogue
And worth getting from you a hug,
J'en offre un autre en criant « Bis! »
Hoping this time to get a kiss.


by Robert

It's your friend I'd like to be,
Und druck i di ganz fest an mi,
I'd truly love you all the same,
Obwohl i deinen Nam net kenn.

You gave me a bonbon to eat,
Ich fand das wirklich sehr, sehr lieb.
In fact, it tasted just like bliss,
Als hättest du mi gar geküßt

I've nothing but my poetry,
Du siehst, i hab sonst nix für di.
I know that may be kind of funny;
Es hat geschmeckt so süß wie Honig.

If a poem is analogue,
Wert die Umarmung, die i mag,
Then I will give you more than this,
I hoff, daß du mi diesmal küßt.

translated into English/Viennese dialect
by Renée von Paschen & Rainer Koeppl


© Robert Paquin

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