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TABLE OF CONTENTS - vol. 17 no. 1
  1. Interview: Block the Empire ~ Serai interviews a member of Block the Empire
    Howdy! Ever heard of the term “full spectrum dominance?” It actually precedes George Bush. And goes back to the time of Teflon Bill. Well the plans are afoot in Montreal, no less.
  2. The World in Scope: Turkey: Seismic Fault or Watershed ~ Maya Khankhoje
    You have a problem with fierce secularism, you say? "Come, come whoever you are, Infidel, pagan or fire worshipper, Come to me, Our convent is not a place of despair.” Turkey’s welcome to the world.
  3. Art ~ Ellen Gabriel
    More than ten years after the Oka crisis, Ellen Gabriel in her depiction of the trees in the famous pine forest, has undertaken to bear witness to the deep laceration affecting her and her own people, her Québécois neighbours and wounded nature. Paradoxically, a deep feeling of serenity emanates from these pastels.
  4. Commentary: Debating Indo-Pak Relations ~ Imtiaz Alam
    Peace, you say, is possible? Would it not be dangerous for those who dream of the NEW American century that India and Pakistan become friends, have a joint currency and form a strong economic Bloc?
  5. Film Review: Unlikely Commodities ~ Mirella Bontempo
    The film is far from sentimentalism so the stillborn love story between ‘illegals’ will never come to fruition. Yet, the dream is one of fantasy – better life at all costs including self-subordination, servicing bosses and bartering organs for false documents.
  6. Music: Lennie Breau-Jazz legend ~ Lawrence Walker
    Jazz groove conversations find hard won solace sometimes.
  7. Book Reviews: Ten Thousand Lovers and Glengarry Tourism ~ Rana Bose
    New Fiction out of Quebec anglo writing, winners by all counts!
  8. Prose and Poetry Section
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