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Le festival des films de l’asie du sud de Montréal / South Asian film festival of Montréal


Le Concierge

Le Concierge (French dialogue, English subtitles) – a new film by Federico Hidalgo (past Serai contributor)


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The Secret Trial 5 is a sobering examination of the Canadian government’s use of security certificates, a Kafkaesque tool that allows for indefinite detention without charges, based on evidence not revealed to the accused or their lawyers.”


QWF Press release:


[Montreal. November 1, 2016] The Quebec Writers’ Federation announced today that author, playwright, poet and dramaturge Rana Bose is the winner of the 2016 QWF Judy Mappin Community Award.

For 30 years, Rana Bose has been the moving force behind Montréal Serai, a local theatre and arts collective whose mission is to provide a forum for English-speaking immigrants in Montreal. Serai, as it is affectionately called, eventually transitioned into a print magazine before blossoming into an outstanding webzine with contributors from Montreal and around the world. Focusing on arts, culture, and politics, Montréal Serai continues to “stretch the margins with thoughtful essays, reviews, commentaries, short stories, poems, artwork, videos, music and much more.” The publication provides a voice to the socially marginalized, as well as to those whose penchant for challenging those in power might have deprived them of a publishing forum in mainstream media.

Rana Bose will receive his honorary award at the 2016 QWF Literary Awards, which will take place at the Corona Theatre on Tuesday, November 22. For more information about this year’s awards and finalists, visit

About Judy Mappin
Patron of the Canadian literary arts, activist and community builder, Judy Mappin was an unassuming but dynamic force behind the bourgeoning of literary activity in Quebec and Canada. The award is conferred upon a remarkable person, who is immersed in, engaged with and committed to the flourishing of the English-language literary community of Quebec, and whose personal contributions and ethics exemplify those values espoused by Judy.

From Johanne to Janaki – Bringing vikings to Varanasi

by Nilambri Ghai – founding member of Montreal Serai

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 Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun: A Memoir from the Heart of Haiti

Rocks in the Water

Haiti has repeatedly appeared in headlines across the globe for several years. These headlines often draw attention to tragic events, political disruptions, and foreign aid efforts. Despite the large amount of media coverage, we rarely hear these stories from the perspective of those whose daily lives are affected by these events.
Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun by Vilmond Joegodson Déralciné and Paul Jackson, offers this missing perspective. Their book serves as a witness to the devastation of 2010 earthquake, to the political unrest, and to the often exploitative involvement of foreigners. As Joegodson says: “If you want to know what’s happening in the sea, ask a fish.”

Woch nan dlo pa konn mizè woch nan solèy

Rocks in the water don’t know the misery of rocks in the sun.

Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun is the memoir of Joegodson Déralciné, a 32 year old man currently living in Canaan, Haiti. His story, a first-hand account of a situation that is so often exploited by foreign media, describes the intimate details of the lives of the poor in Haiti.

His story…

Joegodson’s family left rural Haiti in 1986 to resettle in the rapidly growing zones of Port-au-Prince. As his family entered the city, Jean-Claude Duvalier, or “Baby Doc,” and his dictatorship exited. Haitians, once terrorized under Duvalier’s reign, were liberated and emboldened to believe that they could take control of their lives. But how? Joining hundreds of thousands of other peasants trying to adjust to city life, Joegodson and his family sought work and a means of survival. But all they found were sweatshops that exploited the desperate conditions in Port-au-Prince. With the death of his mother, Joegodson was placed in his corrupt uncle’s care, and so began a childhood of hunger, endless labour, and abuse.


His voice…

Despite his lack of formal education, Joegodson has a unique wisdom—his empathic heart allows him to observe what others are incapable of seeing. Whether he is exploring Vodou and spirituality, the harrowing day of the 2010 earthquake, or the inner workings of MINUSTAH, Joegodson’s insights may both startle and surprise the reader. However, it is his unquestionable integrity and his inexhaustible hope that make his story truly unforgettable.

Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun is written with Canadian historian Paul Jackson, who lives in Montreal,—Joegodson telling his story in Creole, Jackson translating, the two of them then reviewing and reworking—the memoir is a true collaboration, the struggle of two people from different lands and vastly different circumstances to arrive at a place of mutual understanding.


Joegodson and Paul have a blog at

Visit AU Press’ webpage for the book:

Watch videos taken by Paul on their Youtube channel:
A beautifully-executed first-hand account that provides a poignant and engaging portrait of how Haiti’s working class people—peasants, workers, and unemployed—survive under incredibly difficult circumstances. Both entertaining and edifying, Joegodson presents his story unsentimentally and sincerely with many perceptive, nuanced, and eloquent observations about society and life, which, through their simplicity and frankness, are often as illuminating as those of any journalist or philosopher.—Kim Ives, Haïti Liberté

Maya Khankhoje’s work included: A Place in Mind


A new anthology of short stories, poems, and essays called A Place in Mind includes Serai’s own Maya Khankhoje. A Place in Mind is an anthology of short stories, poems and essays that memorialize certain places, written by twelve writers from different places, far and wide, and times, past and present.




The Ottawa meeting of The Peoples’ Social Forum

Statement from SOUTH ASIAN WOMEN’S COMMUNITY CENTRE (SAWCC) on honour killings and forced marriage

SAWCC statement 23 April 2014 HONOUR KILLINGS

FR-SAWCC statement 23 April 2014 HONOUR KILLINGS


Vive le Parc Oxygène!

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