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It never cracks out to be where we would like it to be. No matter how hard we attempt to draw the attention of our readers to the general plight of most e-zines like ours. We have gone through several evolutions and the word meta could morph into stasis to describe some of the start-and-stop efforts we have made to keep our e-zine alive, since 1986. From hardcopy, 11 times a year to 6 issues per year. From 16 pages to 48 pages. From 4 times per year as a hardcopy to 4 times a year as an e-zine. From a subscription list of 1600 people, to over 300,000 hits per issue, worldwide. In the past few issues we have also received some of the most positive comments about our e-zine. And that is where we have been for the past several years. With some of the best minds of our time, the best reviewers, and the most vibrant poets… we have had those who are emerging writers, new artists and people with alternate thinkspeak gracing our pages.

W. Brandon Lacy, a community activist, from Minnesota, writes,

“Your latest issue is fantastic. The entire content is thought provoking.”

Rose Lovell-Smith, an English teacher from New Zealand wrote:

 “Just a note to say that I liked and appreciated this thoughtful article extremely. I keep hoping that if alternative media in other countries keep plugging away, a more accurate picture of American foreign policies since WW2 might finally make it into mainstream American media.


The Editorial Board, Montreal Serai



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