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Business out of the boudoir

Shanti Kumari Johnson


Photos by: Nazca Luna at Shadow Emporium Shop , Chicago, Il.

Photo by: Nazca Luna at Shadow Emporium Shop, Chicago, Il.


The images of flowers framed in dark secrets
faces of women looking into forgotten mirrors
at their souls wondering who they are

shacks big enough for cowboys to dart through
hollywood enhanced concepts of privacy
and feminine subtlety of being
hidden behind closed doors
in the boudoir

while the handsome cowboy
a smirk in hand,

or at the working studio
where hues of colour
splash the eyesight
before painting
which colour was talked about first
historically brought up and mentioned
before the others
was red the first
and blue the last
in chronology to be mentioned
by all cultures

and why so, if our sky is blue?

why would it be saved for last mention?

maybe in your home
an ante room by the bathroom
a sink washroom with a mirror and a lounging chaise
a lazy place for thoughts to smoke up
while preparing for the day or for the night

or perhaps inside the bathtub
or under the shower, an impromptu boudoir
of perfect songs
in perfect pitch
the voice we dream of having
in our waking days
while strolling into conversations
of wit and love daze

the boudoir of the CEO
her company and megalomania
if that is what they’ll call
incandescent ideas
in the boudoir of the silent space in her mind

or so we think
until we realize the cameras everywhere
the microphones ubiquitous
and invisible
the not so private boudoir
swimming in the soup of business
where now business cannot be left out
an ingredient too tasty to forget

the mystery that hides behind the painting
that opens the wall
or the telepathy of the
seemingless poor person
reflects the darkest boudoir in us all

a comfort place of flowers drinking water
a vase and  windows shining sunlight
to make the moving shadows
of the objects found as still life
while people come and go

this is 2016
now the word sounds so old
just like the concept of privacy
before business and private
became entwined forever more

but who is to say that all these gadgets
that make the boudoir inaccessible
to the desire of aloneness
are not mere extensions
of the capacity of our senses
to see and hear with the precise
the expansive knowledge
bursting forth
from the light essence that we are

whether the boudoir and its palette
of impressive colours
has shaken the hand of technology
or not
our boudoir remains protected
at hand’s distance
for us to enjoy the privacy
of our thoughts
the longing of our dreams
the reality of this moment
the people we love
for without them
the boudoir would not need to be.


Photo by: Nazca Luna at Shadow Emporium Shop, Chicago, Il.


Shanti Kumari Johnson studied in Montréal, and considers it as her second home. Born in Mexico, she now works as a choreographer, language interpreter and yoga instructor in Chicago. She is currently working with Colectivo el Pozo, but you will mainly find her enjoying life with her seven-year-old son.

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